Wearing Hoodies all day long

Sickness has arrived at our house and everything has had to slow down to welcome the uninvited house guest. We wear hoodies all day long and carry full tissue boxes in hand. Laundry and dishes are starting to pile up as we make more time to sleep and shuffle around in a cloud of congestion.

As I was feeling walled up in our home I started to enjoy how comfortable our slightly out of control house was becoming. There is a palpable stillness present in days like these.

As I started to document what it looks like when our routine falls apart I couldn’t help but also appreciate the way that we loose control. There is something more “lifey” about life that looses its curation. I wouldn’t suggest that their isn’t a value in taking photos of our life with our best foot forward but I have a concern that photography in the recent past is based too much on the photos that are created predominately as PR photos for Facebook and less for private reflection.

Some of my favorite photos of Lisa and my life together are photos from our first apartment in extreme disorder. That was what our lives were like at that point, we were young and just getting to know each other better and learning how to manage our combined lives.

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