Our worse case scenario


I love this selfie image taken at our first rest stop in early 2012 on our first trip with our Winnebago. This photo was taken prior to a messy half hour of emptying our waste tanks despite a leaky black water valve and a half functional waste tube. We are in surprisingly good spirits for having been through it. When we left on our trip we assured ourselves that were the Winnebago to cease working we would just sell the vehicle for scrap and book a flight home. Learning to accept your worse case scenario is surprisingly liberating. All outcomes more favorable than the worse case scenario are worthy of celebration.

2 years later we are still putzing around in our little Winnebago, and frankly it has become one of those major additions to our lives.  Having a mobile lifestyle is strangely addicting. We have started to travel differently and more frequently. Having modified the interior for more office and work space we can process photos on the road while learning experiencing life at a pace that is constantly rejuvenating.