leaf storm

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I am currently in a coffee shop in New Albany, IN –  Quills to be more specific. They have a large picture window and the sun reflects off of the wood floor in an obtrusively bright way, but I don’t mind it. I am sitting back in the shop, inset a little, the view offers me a vista that extends out into a small city downtown with an idyllic american movie theatre across the street. The kind that is probably not very profitable yet lends the downtown of which it is part of a lot of character and charm.

Theatre aside, after I stepped out of the house this morning my first impression of the day were the leaves both in the air and around the ground – all rushing around as if needed to find their final resting place before the air turns cold. The wind has activated them calling attention to the space between and above the buildings and the town.

Fall is exceedingly romantic and beautiful and always short as breath.  The leaves that dance and fly are delightful yet mournful, and I love the ephemeral state of these days.

It is funny that I mention the ephemerality of Fall, because that is why we are down in the Louisville area today. More to come on the ephemeral!