Walcott Imaging: Now an official sponsor of cycling.

Jenny and Brad (new owners of Velo City) are great friends of ours and have been for years. When the opportunity came to join in on the fun with their shop team, we jumped on it. Plan on seeing more of us over the course of the next year at local bike races and other Velo City events.

With a gentle nudge from Lisa I just joined the team myself. Outside of the physical signs of aging it is time to get my heart rate up on a more consistent basis and do a little more to stay healthy. I also need to not be by the computer when I could be in the company of good people.

So I am going to quickly plug this because it really is great. Here are the perks:

  • Get in shape
  • Spend more time in the company of great people
  • There is no pressure to race if you don’t want to
  • It only costs $100, you get great discounts at the store and a $90 jersey.
  • Here is more info

If I peaked your interest (or even if I didn’t) head over to Window on the Waterfront this Sunday, January 19 at 1:00 to behold a Fat bike race, I think you will enjoy it.