Photographer in Residence: Argentina

For the next month, I (Lisa) will be the “photographer in residence” at the Vines of Mendoza (Argentina) documenting the harvest season and all that goes with that. I have just arrived at the vineyard after spending two days in Mendoza. It has been fully charming so far–walking the streets of Mendoza City, eating ice cream, tasting wine, eating dinner in a closed door restaurant (basically a loft utilized as a small restaurant where customers are hosted as dinner guests which progresses into a delicious seven course meal), being hosted for tastings and tours at various vineyards on the way here. Of course, I needed to have context as to where I will documenting for the next few weeks!

The backdrop of all the vineyards in Mendoza’s wine region is the Andes Mountain range topping off already picturesque views. (It was quite cloudy today so I’m still looking forward to seeing these vistas tomorrow.)