Wickstra Family

My first visit to the Wickstra house was roughly 25 years ago, it was for Ben’s kindergarten or first grade (I forget which) birthday party. Many years later, Ben and I are still great friends.
Ben is no slouch; when Ben’s mother asked for a quick family photo for her Birthday, he gave us a call.
I think the session is a nice sampling of some traditional group photos mixed with some quick candid asides.

Daniel & Hilary//Grand Rapids, Michigan Wedding

Dan & Hilary’s wedding (at The Ballroom @CityFlatsHotel in Grand Rapids) was a total blast. Many of the guests traveled in from near but mostly quite far away for the wedding which I know was very special to the couple. They were able to find a really nice balance of old and new as well as formality and hospitality. We’ve been friends with Dan & Hilary for years and think that they’re a really good pair, so it was very easy to get swept up in the celebration (the ceilidh dancing also helped)! Cheers, you guys!