Back-of-the-Bike Photobooth at the Holland 100 this weekend

Here is something new and exciting: I just adapted our Photobooth to fit on the back of a bike and am going give it a whirl this weekend during the Holland 100! With the Photobooth on a back of a bike I can ride around and the world behind me becomes our our background.

Come give it a try this weekend during the Holland 100. I will be riding around East Saugatuck during the pancake breakfast between 7:30-11:00am this Saturday July 19. I will not be lugging around the printer but watch for the photos online as they will be auto uploaded as we go.

Anyone can use the bike mounted photobooth… you don’t have to be riding your bike to give it a try.

The bike photobooth, available this weekend during the Holland 100.

The bike photobooth, available this weekend during the Holland 100.


I’ve been taking pictures of Kathryn since she was a couple weeks old. One of my favorite things about my job is documenting moments in time–freezing them as a glimpse back. This is why real moments are important to me. I love documenting in places that hold significance and grabbing glances and gestures between the posed shots. Having the opportunity to have regular sessions over the course of four years and seeing a little person emerge and come into herself allows me to see and reflect on time passed. It had been awhile since Kathryn and I had seen each other, but we hit it off and made up for lost time. Happy birthday, Kathryn! You’re great!