Fall Luxuries

Yesterday morning it was cold in the house. Temperatures had fallen over the night and cold had started to make itself at home. The cold was a physical reminder that although I have been spending much of my time by the computer processing, emailing, and connecting; the physical world had been moving forward and was beginning to show signs of its age in the season.
When our daily life binds us to our computers we become part of an online world that moves so fast, but the fast pace speed of online culture isn’t something we feel, rather it is inaudible noise. In contrast, the changes of the earth are felt through our bones and it has made itself known to the bones of every person who has come before us.

Yesterday as I woke up chilled, I cozied up to the feeling that connected me to the physical earth and the warmed my heart and for a time muted out the inaudible noise that had come to make itself a home in my head.

The start of the cold weather tells your body that now is a good time to slow down, to seek shelter, and prepare yourself for the winter.

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