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The Southerner Morel Mushroom Dinner

One of the many benefits of my profession is that some photography assignments give me access to places and situations that I would probably never have access to on my own. Sometimes I get the feeling that I must have slipped by the bouncers – it’s like skinny dipping in the rich neighbors pool while they are sleeping; at any point the deck light will be turned on and all will be exposed.
There was no feeling out of place though while photographing the Morel Mushroom Dinner hosted by The Southerner restaurant. Owners Katie Fris & Matt Millar were such gracious of hosts that you couldn’t help but feel like a welcomed guest.

This is the story of the time I got spoiled by really great chefs and had a meal sourced in heaven, which is to say, sourced in West Michigan.

The Morel Mushroom dinner was hosted at the in-progress site of the future The Southerner in Saugatuck (former Elbo Room). The meal highlighted the foods found on the previous days forage with Andy Davis as well as all manner of other locally produced foods. Cooking along side The Southerner’s Matthew Millar were:

Also featuring:
New Holland Brewing Company’s The Beervangelist Fred Buelttman will be on hand providing beer and spirits pairings form New Holland’s stellar portfolio of local craft beer and artisan spirits.

More photos:

A tired Winnebago, good friends, & a cold night in Wisconsin

Lisa and I took a weekend trip to Wisconsin for Fermentation Fest in Reedsburg, WI. We traveled in our mighty Winnebago although this time we didn’t travel alone, but took some friends.

The Winnebago has always evoked a joyful reaction from people as we ramble down the road. In the first two days of travel we got at least 6 “hang loose” signs; well over twice the average – enough to really feel like the universe needed to tell us something.

Between the cold night camping, running out of gas, and a stuffed up catalytic convertor we heeded the universe’s advice and hung loose as we shivered at night, waited for the highway help mobile, and as I laid on the ground drilling holes in our exhaust pipes to the relieve the pressure from a jammed up catalytic convertor. A big thanks to an unknown employee at Wheel City for the use of the drill.

We just didn’t take enough photos for some reason. I guess that is what you get when you expend so much of your energy hanging loose.