about us

Walcott Imaging is located in Holland, MI and is composed of precisely two people: Rob Walcott & Lisa Walcott. Although we are located in West Michigan we frequently photograph throughout the Midwest and practically anywhere else you would like us to work for you – we travel for cheap!

Since chemistry is an important factor when choosing a photographer, here are a couple things you might be interested to know about us and our photographic style:

We believe in keeping photography personable and creative. We try to avoid fads and hope that a certain authenticity is recognizable in our work.
We live in a historical house in Holland, MI. Together we love it, hate it, and love to hate it (and sometimes hate to love it). With all of its quirks and coziness comes fixes and maintenance. Our studio is in the house, so feel free to stop on in (by appointment).
Lisa finished her MFA in Sculpture in 2010 from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Lisa can often be found in her studio early in the mornings and late evenings. During the off season, she spends even more time in the studio and traveling for exhibitions and lectures. To get a better idea of what Lisa is working on, visit her art website.
We were both born in the early 80?s.
Together we like to cook, travel, and frequently walk downtown for coffee or beer (depending on the time of the day).

A tired Winnebago, good friends, & a cold night in Wisconsin

Lisa and I took a weekend trip to Wisconsin for Fermentation Fest in Reedsburg, WI. We traveled in our mighty Winnebago although this time we didn’t travel alone, but took some friends.

The Winnebago has always evoked a joyful reaction from people as we ramble down the road. In the first two days of travel we got at least 6 “hang loose” signs; well over twice the average – enough to really feel like the universe needed to tell us something.

Between the cold night camping, running out of gas, and a stuffed up catalytic convertor we heeded the universe’s advice and hung loose as we shivered at night, waited for the highway help mobile, and as I laid on the ground drilling holes in our exhaust pipes to the relieve the pressure from a jammed up catalytic convertor. A big thanks to an unknown employee at Wheel City for the use of the drill.

We just didn’t take enough photos for some reason. I guess that is what you get when you expend so much of your energy hanging loose.

Fall Luxuries

Yesterday morning it was cold in the house. Temperatures had fallen over the night and cold had started to make itself at home. The cold was a physical reminder that although I have been spending much of my time by the computer processing, emailing, and connecting; the physical world had been moving forward and was beginning to show signs of its age in the season.
When our daily life binds us to our computers we become part of an online world that moves so fast, but the fast pace speed of online culture isn’t something we feel, rather it is inaudible noise. In contrast, the changes of the earth are felt through our bones and it has made itself known to the bones of every person who has come before us.

Yesterday as I woke up chilled, I cozied up to the feeling that connected me to the physical earth and the warmed my heart and for a time muted out the inaudible noise that had come to make itself a home in my head.

The start of the cold weather tells your body that now is a good time to slow down, to seek shelter, and prepare yourself for the winter.