about us

Walcott Imaging is located in Holland, MI and is composed of precisely two people: Rob Walcott & Lisa Walcott. Although we are located in West Michigan we frequently photograph throughout the Midwest and practically anywhere else you would like us to work for you – we travel for cheap!

Since chemistry is an important factor when choosing a photographer, here are a couple things you might be interested to know about us and our photographic style:

We believe in keeping photography personable and creative. We try to avoid fads and hope that a certain authenticity is recognizable in our work.
We live in a historical house in Holland, MI. Together we love it, hate it, and love to hate it (and sometimes hate to love it). With all of its quirks and coziness comes fixes and maintenance. Our studio is in the house, so feel free to stop on in (by appointment).
Lisa finished her MFA in Sculpture in 2010 from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Lisa can often be found in her studio early in the mornings and late evenings. During the off season, she spends even more time in the studio and traveling for exhibitions and lectures. To get a better idea of what Lisa is working on, visit her art website.
We were both born in the early 80?s.
Together we like to cook, travel, and frequently walk downtown for coffee or beer (depending on the time of the day).

The Hog Whole, Year 1

This summer we started a tradition at the farmland which I think we will try again next year as well. We tried to process as much of a hog as we were able to. Our good friend Phil was coming in from Colorado and with our space in mind, informed us of his excitement for experimenting with charcuterie. We thought this was perfect. We want the farmland to be a place where people can experiment and get their hands dirty and become more connected with the world–particularly food systems.
We all do our best to be mindful of our meat consumption. Working through this process was a great exercise in reducing the cognitive and geographic distance to our food.

Here are some of the photos from the day.

Black Locust

    Once you know what a black locust tree is you will begin see it everywhere. It is a nitrogen-fixing tree that yields great blossoms in early summer. The wood is so dense and rot resistant that some claim you could bury it in the ground for 100 years with out it rotting… which makes for great fence post material (more on the fence Lisa is working on later).
    Oh yeah, it is also invasive so much so that Sleeping Bear Dunes is putting extensive work into controlling their spread.

    We have a few at the farm and in the short window of time that they bloom we have been enjoying using the blossoms for making tea as well as adding them to our salads.