Our wildly popular photobooth adds fun to any party or reception. Our Photobooth has a mobile format that allows it to be placed by any wall or use any background you have. It will take four photos and print them out on the spot for your guests to keep.

Photo Booth Family Book

I set up the Photo Booth at our monthly family Sunday lunch and asked my family to use it. The photos were easily dragged into the basic online book making templates for the online printer (I used because I had a coupon code but there are lots of options for online printing). It took me 15 minutes to make the book and I also have RAW and in high resolution images of the family.

My daughter loves to look through the book and call out the name of each person. It is her favorite book to “read” before bed.

Book the Photo Booth for your next family gathering!

Here is a flip through of the book:

Rob, Lisa, & Miggles in the Photo Booth at their Home.

UnPause: photo booth relaunch

Although we’ve been busy with diapers and laundry, there is plenty of other scheming and hard work going on as well. It’s time to start sharing some of the new ideas we’ve been working on.

First up is the photo booth. Over the past years we’ve realized a few things:

  1. Year after year, people continue to have a riot using it. It doesn’t get old.
  2. The prints are treasured. We have seen prints that are over 10 years old hanging on fridges. We have seen them framed and on mantels.
  3. Multiple people have told me that their favorite photos ever have been taken in our photo booth. Because we use professional cameras and lighting the final product is suited to be an heirloom.
  4. We want it available for more occasions. It needs to be cheaper and easier to book for family parties as well as small business promotions.

We’ve done a lot to reorganize and rebuild and we are proud to say that we were able to drop the price significantly while still adding quality features. Although we are finishing up some of the clerical work as well as some new branding, the photo booth is open for booking! Contact us today to get it booked for your event or party.

Stay tuned for future updates. We will be posting new ideas and samples of what the improved (and cheaper) photo booth can do!