Farmingland is at a glance a seemingly unlikely extension of a photography business but if you get to know us a little better I think you find it all make sense.

In a sentence Farmingland is set up to be both experience and experimental. It is where our personal hobbies and our commercial personalities can meet up and fully engage with the experience of living.

Here are some of the main themes you will find at Farmingland:

  • Support of Art through residencies, workshops, and work for sale.
  • Attention and conversation concerning design methods, processes, and values.
  • A priority for land and responsible land engagement with an emphasis on agriculture, where our environment (the land) literally becomes us.
  • Supporting all making/doing/trying/learning. We have residencies available and will also offer consistent events and programs. Making, doing, working, interacting… these are all ways that we find our voice. We believe in helping people find their voice to help the own their place in this world.
  • Travel: A change in your environment does wonders for clearing your mind and renewing your soul. We try to travel a little each year and love to host travelers ourself.

Farmingland is part of our “for profit” company but we certainly don’t act that way. We run it in the most ideal ways we can giving priority to the goals and enjoyable tasks that we involve ourselves in. Through our Subscription Service we work closely with a limited number of companies who we agree with. We get to know and make work for their business and also promote them along the way. They pay us fairly and in turn support what we stand for-it is a great symbiotic relationship. We also do a limited number of weddings and portrait sessions per year which also help us cover our living costs and other associated costs of running our Farmingland.

If you wish to support us you can also participate in events, spread the word and make a small donation towards a future project if you enjoy yourself at our events.
We do not accept donations but are looking for some small scale loans right now so that we can continue to develop the property. If you think you could manage a micro-loan, feel free to check out our current loan terms (yet to be specified).